Romeoé et Juliette

A modern retelling of Shakespeare's iconic love story with Sakura no Ki no Shita - a female led French/Japanese company based in Paris.

Through live video, shadow-play, movement and a poetry from multiple languages, this epic story will be reimagined in a new evocative, international production.

By marrying Japanese, French and English culture we bring a gift for the audience; 3 languages, 2 women, 1 story.

A work in progress, 2019.

Supported by La Maison du Développpement Culturel of Gennevilliers, France.

The Food Play

This performance combines storytelling, dance and delicious food for a cross-cultural experience, where sharing and creating with the audience becomes the heart of the event.

In an increasingly globalised world, cultural differences may divide us. But what brings us together? Food of course! What does food tell us about each other? What stories does it inspire?

After being developed across two multicultural cities -London and Kuala Lumpur- this show premiered at the What About Kuching Festival 2018, Malaysia.

With thanks to Omnibus Theatre (London), Poplar Union (London), NOW Theatre (KL), David Glass Ensemble (UK) and WAK 2018 (Kuching) for their support.

Watch the promo video HERE

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The Forest

Inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream, this performance gives children the power to alter the reality of humans and change their ordinary life into one full of imagination and intrigue. The audience take on the role of the fairies and, led by Puck, add magic to the human world.

After 30 minutes of performance, the children have the opportunity to participate in the experience with their parents. Playfully they can create their own magic power and determine their parents actions, shaking up normal social power structures and allowing children the freedom to make their own decisions.

Originally created and performed at Marphy's Playhouse Chengdu on behalf of David Glass Ensemble in 2017.

This was the first immersive production in the South West of China.



An interactive, sensory performance for under 4s produced by Omnibus Theatre, London. It explores colours in the garden through the use of sound, smell, gesture and tactile discovery. Christina Rossetti’s poem Colour is brought to life in this playful offering that aids language development in a stimulating and creative environment.

In 2015 it toured to 21 children's centres and libraries in South London with thanks to Arts Council England funding. By going directly into communities and not charging a ticket fee, this performance engaged with many who had never been to the theatre before and inspired them to seek out further arts provisions for their family.

"It was fantastic to see such young babies joining in with a play and it engaged them in such a clever way using all the senses ” - Abibat Olulode, Development Librarian Early Years Literacy, Lambeth.

Director: Hester Welch

Producer: Felicity Paterson

Performer: Jenny Novitzky

Designer: Alison Neighbour

Sound designer: Edward Lewis

Child Development Psychologist Consultant: Courtenay Norbury (UCL, London)

Watch the trailer HERE


The Honey Trail

The Honey Trail was a part of Bee Conscious in 2015- a family event and environmental campaign aimed at raising awareness around the plight of bees and their importance to the global ecosystem. On this trail families rediscovered their high street by following clues in local businesses, learning fun facts and interacting with our performing bees!

Directed by Hester Welch

Produced by Omnibus Theatre

Costumes kindly donated by Friends Of The Earth


Assistant Director

© 2017 by Hester Welch

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